Garage conversion to the studio room

Garage conversion to the studio room: This studio room was fully refurbished according to a new interior design and extension plan in April 2019.

Underfloo heating
New kitchen
Shower room
Electric work

What are you planning to do out of the garage conversion?
Changing that garage into a habitable room will mean complying with building regulations, including delivery of a building notice to your council. Building regulations apply to ventilation, moisture proofing, insulation, fireproofing, escape routes, and structural soundness. As a result, almost any design decision must take them into account.

1. The architects and engineers of our company know all the features of modern residential buildings and will be able to develop a convenient and competent garage convertation project.
2. We develop all the projects in detail and discuss it with you until you have fully approved it.
3. We use only high-quality materials from reliable suppliers, which ensures the strength and aesthetic appeal of any building structures.
4. We are working not only on the construction but also on the design of the inner space and create cosy and trendy rooms in the extensions.
5. We are always ready to answer all customers ‘ questions, including the choice of a particular type of extension or how much does the house extension cost.
6. We provide our clients with detailed project documentation, as well as estimates which clearly indicate all possible costs without the risk of exceeding them.
Ordering from us the project of garage convertation you can be sure of fair prices and high-quality and pleasing to the eye result. However, we provide a 5-year warranty on our work to protect you from any risks.t.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us 07727161060 , if you like this object and would like change YOUR apartment in the same way or even better!


Project Type Studio room
Client London
Completion Date August 20019
Project Size 23 Square
Contract Value £30.000
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