The transformation of the basement into a living space is especially in demand among the property owners in London. If you want to join those who are eager to make his home more ergonomics, and dreams of turning his basement into something beautiful, cosy, and perfectly organized, we will be glad to see you in VIP Building Solutions. Our company offers an extensive range of services for the basement conversion in East London into a comfortable office, a stylish lounge, as well as a bedroom, a dressing room, or a multifunctional pantry.


Our company represents the team of skilled architects and construction workers capable to realise the project of any scale. That’s why we dare to offer you the best basement conversion in London.

We are confident that the basement transformation can unlock the potential of your property in the most complete and profitable way. Trying to do our best to arrange the space properly, we remain within the budget proposed by the client. The combination of creativity and rational planning helps us to cope with any tasks successfully.

Our team has ample opportunities for the implementation of basement projects of your dreams. Carefully thought-out plans allow us to create rooms that provide not only an impressive level of comfort, but also pleasing owners with beauty, taste, and harmony of design solutions.

The list of our services includes the development of the conversion project and interior design, as well as a full range of construction and decoration works under the supervision of our specialist.


Conversion of an existing cellar £750 – £1,400
Lowering the floor level and underpinning an existing cellar £1,500 – £2,000
Digging a new basement space and underpinning £2,000 – £3,000
Digging a new basement space underneath a garden £1,500 – £2,000
Creating a lightwell / external access £5,000 – £7,500


Step-by-step work on each project leads us to invariable success. The basement implementation is divided into several steps, so we keep the eye even on small details.

  • Free access to the house

    Before starting, our engineers and designers need to see the room that they will converse. Wherever you are, whether you are ordering basement conversion in North London or in the south, we will definitely take your time. At this stage, we examine the basement, make the necessary measurements and discuss in detail your ideas and wishes about the transformation of the space.

  • Project development

    After the first discussion, we begin to develop and visualize the project. In the course of the work, specialists create a plan, drawings and schemes of the future premises, think over the design and draw up 3D-visualization.

  • Budgeting

    Even if you do not know the average cost of basement conversion in London, we will provide you with the basic prices, so that you can approximately imagine the cost of the whole work. Later we will offer you a clear and detailed estimate, which will explain all the expenses up to the last detail. After the approval the estimated price cannot be increased against your will.

    After completing the project, we will provide you with all the necessary documentation for the discussion and the decision. If you like the project, we will start working immediately

You will also be able to view all the plans, drawings and schemes to ensure the perfection of our solutions related to your basement.


VIP Building Solutions presents a wide range of basement conversion services including:

  • Architectural Drawings

    All our plans and ideas are put on paper so that you get the most complete picture of the space that will be organized in your basement.

  • Planning applications

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  • Building Control

    We constantly monitor the specialists who carry out the works in your basement and if necessary, consult the workers and make adjustments to the approved plan for its best implementation.

  • Project cost estimation

    We detail all expenses so that you know exactly what you are paying for and how to plan expenses for the refurbishment.

  • Detailed architectural CAD / 3D designs

    3D-visualisation allows you to imagine the future room and feel its atmosphere. In addition, thanks to it you will be able to see clearly what you would like to change or add.

  • Construction

    Your project will be implemented with our workers, who have the experience of cooperation with our architects and designers and a clear understanding of all their requirements.

Basement conversion in London costs seldom happen to be extremely low. However, thoughtful and bold decisions that open up new opportunities for your accommodation worth it. Call us to make your house even more perfect!

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