Today a cosy and stylish apartment is more a natural necessity than a luxury. The VIP Building Solutions is ready to offer you unique, exquisite and up-to-date interior solutions-we have devoted all our time, talent, and energy to the interior design refurbishment of apartments and houses in London.


When planning to order an architectural or interior design in our company, do not forget that the final cost of the project depends on several key factors:

  • Clear awareness of the client’s wishes. We are ready to present several project options to choose from – the more of them you demand, the higher the cost will be.

  • The size and complexity of the object. An impressive footage, an unusual layout, or original ideas – it takes time and effort to beat such conditions in the best possible way.

  • Work on the selection of finishing materials and decor items. If you are not sure that you will be able to achieve stylistic unity in every detail doing everything on your own, our designer will take care of everything.

  • A precise and clear presentation of the project. The number of drawings, explication notes and schemes, and the presence of 3D-visualization allows you to clearly see the result and even feel the atmosphere of the future apartment.

  • The object location. We develop both interior design of apartments, and property design refurbishment – but never mind if our time and transport costs will pay off.

Calculating the total price of the design project for you, we focus on all of the factors mentioned above. Fill out the application form on the website and we will tell you more about it!


The essentials fee (e.g. for one room) £100-500
Design only £500-£2,000
Design, supply and install £2,000+


An interior designer of apartments and houses in London is a vocation that our specialists are proud of. A sense of measure and style, author’s vision, experience, knowledge, and ability to navigate the current trends are important for us. However, we strive to show our talents in the main thing – creating the atmosphere where you may feel yourself.

Each house, each apartment is not just an object of design for our team, but a small world where we create a beautiful, functional, and absolutely comfortable environment for the client. Taking into account all the needs, wishes, habits and lifestyle of the customer and his family, to consider the arrangement of each corner and bring everything to a stylish denominator is our art that can make your life more convenient and bright.


Indeed, the harmony of the thoughtful interior is light and natural as the air itself. However, its creation is a complex and painstaking process where every detail matters. Work on the design project in our company includes several stages:

  • Meeting and conversation with the client, discussing his ideas, wishes, explaining of technical specifications.

  • Work on the layout and design concept. We also select materials, furniture, and decoration items with a detailed description and cost of each of them.

  • Creation of 3D-visualization, making adjustments, obtaining approval from the customer.

  • Presentation of all necessary documents including schemes, plans, and drawings.

  • Carrying out all the works planned under the designer’s supervision.

  • Presenting the result to the client, making necessary changes.

To order a house design refurbishment in the VIP Building Solutions company means to choose a professional and experienced approach and a harmonious perception of the aesthetics of the living space. We are always happy to realize your dreams of a home that is perfect in every way.

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