The variety of decoration materials for interior design is constantly growing. It is not surprising, as consumer demand is growing regularly as well. Despite a wide choice of such wall coverings as wall-paper, stained-glass windows and stretch cloths, painting and decorating refurbishment remains an exquisite way to improve the interior and one of the most expensive and luxurious variants of room decor.

Each wall painting is unique in its own way, even if it is just a replica of the famous work of art. Such a kind of decor is sure to attract the views of guests and make your interior special.

The VIP Building Solutions company is glad to offer you painting and decoration of walls and ceilings in rooms and houses. Your project will be worked on by professional designers and painters capable of performing artistic works of any complexity.


Removal of standard un-painted wall paper. £6 per m²
Removal of heavyweight or painted wall paper. £10 per m²
Plaster Skim coat £14 per m²
Application of emulsion paint £14 per m²
Painter labour fee (daily rate) £125


The house refurbishment painting may become the central interior element of the decor. It catches the eye and changes depending on the viewing angle, lighting, playing with new colours at every glance. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the choice of drawing, colour palette, as well as to the quality of the work performed.

Despite the artistic and aesthetic value, such decoration can also perform the following functions:

  • High-quality painting is three-dimensional and multifaceted. Thanks to it you can visually expand the space of the room.
  • Depending on the selected painting, you can visually change the geometry of the room: it may “lift” the ceiling or align the filled arch.
  • There are no size limits as it all depends on the wishes and imagination of the client. You can create a huge landscape of the wall size, or decorate the room with painted miniatures.
  • Given the wide popularity of vintage items, some images are specially covered with craquelure, creating the effect of ageing. In this way, you can mask the defects of the room (cracks or irregularities).

An important rule of interior walls painting is to comply with common sense. Oversaturation of the room with this type of decor will turn a cosy corner into a museum of fine arts. Also, an important nuance is the appropriate choice of painting for the room design. For example, bright futuristic drawings will not look harmoniously in a classic living room.


We offer the creation of very realistic paintings with high detail, soft backgrounds, space simulation and complex colour. For example, that may be a painting with realistic skies, angels, butterflies, flowers, architectural elements, or something else to your taste.

Before our professionals start, we will definitely discuss with you the future living room bedroom, or kitchen refurbishment painting, colour scheme, as well as the technology of their implementation. Our decorators and painters know all the popular techniques of wall painting. You will be shown sketches, among which you can choose the appropriate variant or we will draw a sketch specially for you. We will begin working right after your approval of the painting plan.

Further work proceeds through several stages:

  • Peeling off of the old wall coating and plaster, removing all the unnecessary elements (nails, reliefs, etc).

  • Sealing of cracks and irregularities with appropriate reinforcing mesh.

  • Application of levelling plaster, roughness elimination and priming after the drying.

  • Application of the small layer of finishing compounds.

  • Smoothing and priming of the surface.

  • The final coating of the drawing.

You can find out more about the cost of painting and exclusive sketches by calling us or filling out the form on the website. Our representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.

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