The today’s growth of property prices in East London is rather frightening. That is why most people prefer to expand the existing space instead of moving to a more spacious house. For those who have large and constantly growing families, but not too impressive income, the house extension in London & around  cost is more tempting.

The residents of North and South London also experience the need for some extra living space. First of all, this applies to areas that are actively built up. New construction technologies allow people to add any room to the usual layout of the house, whether it is a bedroom for a child or a new dining room.

Of course, the house extensions prices in North London and South London is significantly lower than the cost of a new home, but increasing demand can lead to higher prices for the service over time. So far, the extension remains a reasonable and profitable solution to increase the free living space. VIP Building Solutions will surely have the best options for you.


We are engaged in professional design and extension of the living space based not only on your wishes and preferences but also on your budget. Our specialists will inform you about the average cost of house extension in London and offer you both more affordable and luxury projects.


We work in Greater London & around the London areas:
Hayes, Uxbridge, High Wycombe, Slough, Beaconsfield , Wooburn,Maidenhead, Gerrards Cross, Marlow, Chalfont st Peter, Fulmer, Stoke Poges, Chorleywood.


Basic single storey extension £32,000
Double storey extension £48,000
Small extensions 3 x 5 m £16000 - £21000
Medium extensions 4X6 m £26000 - £34000
Large extensions 6x8 m £52000 - £67000


There are different types of home extensions. Even if you are a happy owner of a mansion with a garden or live in a townhouse with free access to the fresh air, even then you will hardly give up an extra room, especially if a talented architect or an experienced contractor will take up the matter.

Popular house extensions in London & around include the following types.

  • Single storey

    A room or a room extension with a vaulted ceiling that uses the pitched roof space. These rooms look unusual and solemn, and therefore they are often used as living rooms.

  • Multi-storey

    A multi-storey extension may be attached to any part of the existing building. If you still doubt about how you are going to use the extra space, this variant will not make you take hasty decisions.

  • Wrap around

    Wrap around may be created by means of uniting a side return and a rear extension. This option seems rather good if you dream of a house extension for the kitchen.

  • An over-structure

    This structure is built on the top of a house and is usually used such as a living/dining room, a garage, or a kitchen.

  • Porches

    These are rather modest extensions to the front of a house – however, its construction at the back or the side of the building allows to make them more spacious.

  • Sunrooms

    A sunroom is essentially a conservatory with a transparent roof and walls, including plenty of light and glazing. This airy and attractive extension is great when you are fond of admiring the beauty of nature or prefer plenty of space and freedom.


1. The architects and engineers of our company know all the features of modern residential buildings and will be able to develop a convenient and competent extension project.
2. We develop all the projects in detail and discuss it with you until you have fully approved it.
3. We use only high-quality materials from reliable suppliers, which ensures the strength and aesthetic appeal of any building structures.
4. We are working not only on the construction but also on the design of the inner space and create cosy and trendy rooms in the extensions.
5. We are always ready to answer all customers ‘ questions, including the choice of a particular type of extension or how much does the house extension cost.
6. We provide our clients with detailed project documentation, as well as estimates which clearly indicate all possible costs without the risk of exceeding them.
Ordering from us the project of extension you can be sure of fair prices and high-quality and pleasing to the eye result. However, we provide a 5-year warranty on our work to protect you from any risks.

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