If you are not lucky enough to purchase a house or an apartment with a heating system installed, do not worry – you can organize everything on your own! The most important thing is to find a responsible contractor who will offer you professional services and guarantee the reliability and flawless functioning of the system. VIP Building Solutions is always ready to help you bring comfort and warmth to your home through the quality heating installation in London.


VIP Building Solutions is a full-service company that deals with all types of repairs in houses and apartments. We are always ready to offer you a full range of services for the installation of heating systems, including boilers, piping, radiators, and underfloor heating installation tiles. We use the equipment of well-known brands and carry out all work in compliance with the technology and requirements of the safety instructions. After the heating installation, you will be provided with a warranty for both works and facilities.


New condensing boiler including supply and labour £1,250-2,850.
Nine radiators including supply and labour work £1.100
Water tank supply and install £300 labour work + materials
Underfloor heating screed UFH system kit £30 per meter square
Instalaion undred floor heating £30-45£ per square metre, excluding the screed
Fully fitted & supply water Underfloor heating £60-£100 per meter square
Electric Under floor heating only materials £45-£65 per meter square
Touch Screen Thermostat with Sensor £25-£250
Installation electic under floor heating £30 per hour


When developing a heating system project, our engineers take into account the following factors:

  • The appropriate type of boiler and equipment. This case such aspects as the type of fuel and possibility of its providing at reasonable prices, the availability of water, and the necessity of using hot water use for other purposes are considered.

  • Your budget. Experts calculate the heating project carefully so that you are always aware of the coming expenses.

  • The independence of the heating from the external environment. Here engineers take into account the possible involvement of other means of heating in order to reduce future heating costs.

Based on these factors, our specialists determine the type, size, and location of the boiler, make a scheme of wiring and installation of pipes. Each aspect of the installation is discussed in detail with the client so that he had an idea of both economical and more expensive, but effective heating systems. Contact us to learn how much does the heating installation cost and request a free quote for your project.


The cost of the heating works may depend on the length of the pipes and the number of radiators, as well as the level of quality of equipment and complexity of installation. In any case, our representatives will calculate the expenses for the heating project individually for each client and discuss with you heating installation prices and all the details of the estimate.


  • Professionals only.

    We employ experienced specialists of high level, able to cope with projects of any complexity. We study new models of the heating equipment and its installation in detail to offer you the best options.

  • An individual approach.

    Each client has his own needs and demands for heating in his house and we try to take them all into account when drafting.

  • The feedback.

    All you need is to call us and we will answer any of your questions related to the installation of a heating system.

  • Benefits and reliability.

    Our engineers carefully calculate each stage of the project and create all conditions for economical and safe connection of the heating system.

Give us a call to learn more about our advantages or fill out the form on our website to get a free quotation on your heating project.

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